Many of our participants return more than once, and we welcome old friends and new every year in August. Students come for many different reasons – to help make decisions about pursuing a career as a flautist, to gain invaluable teaching from our outstanding team of flautists and pianists, to further develop skills as a post-graduate performer, or simply to enjoy a week of flute playing with like-minded people.

Here are some comments and reviews about the Oxford Flute Summer School experience.

“OFSS was the first flute course I did away from my home country (Portugal), and immediately I was met with the most welcoming atmosphere. Set in beautiful Oxford, this is a course where not only do you have access to some of the best teachers (both in masterclasses and the common room, for an evening snack and drink!), but you get to spend a week in the wonderful facilities of Radley College. It’s such an exciting, complete week, from warmups to concerts and invaluable opportunities. Attending the OFSS 2012 was one of the best decisions I ever made, as it paved the way for me to go study in the UK the following year, at The Purcell School, and then the Royal Academy of Music, from where I am now about to graduate with an MA. I am still in touch with friends I made during the course, and the networking I did there has undoubtedly shaped my career. I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

FredericoPortugal, Masterclass

“Attending the Oxford Flute Summer School was one of my most valuable experiences as a flautist. My university studies meant that I was always having to compromise practising for my academic work. It therefore felt like a luxury to spend a whole week just focusing on flute playing! It was this environment which made me realise that I wanted to focus on performing and pursue postgraduate study at a conservatoire. What was most special about the course, though, was its atmosphere. Despite the exceptional level of playing achieved by some of the students, this never felt intimidating. No matter what standard you were at or what your ambitions were, everyone felt like they were respected as an equal member of a unique community of flautists.”

Megan – UK, Masterclass

“As a returning adult flutist, first of all doing a summer flute intensive had always been one of the things I wanted to do as a student. But unfortunately when I was younger, it just wasn’t on my priority list. There aren’t many adult flute course options for people well, pretty much over 25. So you can imagine, when I came across OFSS two years ago now, I was so excited! I went into the course with a few goals and expectations for myself and needless to say by the end of the week every one of them was checked off!!!   Not only did I meet some of the best teachers, also discovered MANY new great flute pieces from the repertoire (and revisited many old favourites), but met some great new friends along the way! Two years later even now, they are some of my closest friends even if we are 3000 miles apart. Thank you OFSS for two unforgettable summers, and can’t wait to be back in the near future!!”

Min – Canada, Masterclass

“I’ve been there four times so far, traveling all the way from Japan, because it’s worth it.”

Miya – Japan, Players

“You know a flute course has inspired you when you’d rather practise than watch a film. One of the best decisions going on the course! I’ve learnt so much and have met some incredible people! Thankyou!”

James – UK, Masterclass

“Could write a book on all the stuff I learned in such a short time! Wonderful atmosphere, really enjoyable! Thank you!”

Simon – UK, Performers

“The Oxford Flute Summer School was an excellent opportunity to grow as a player both by playing and by listening.  The faculty were very supportive and knowledgeable, and the environment was welcoming.  It reinvigorated a love of flute playing in me.  It was lovely to meet players from around the world with the shared interest of flute playing.”

Kristen – Canada, Players and Performers

“I first attended the Oxford Flute Summer School in 2006 at Worcester College in Oxford. I had been looking for something to motivate myself to practise more (as a teacher of mainly beginners, I didn’t need hours of practice to keep ahead of my students). The course description seemed to be just what I needed, the travel from Iceland was quite manageable, and the chance to explore Oxford was a big plus.

The course was great. I met some interesting people and learned quite a bit. The timing at the end of the summer meant that I was full of new ideas and extra motivated for the coming school year. Being exposed to so much of the flute repertoire has been incredibly helpful for me as a teacher, especially now that I have some more advanced students.

I returned again in 2007 and 2008. It was nice to be welcomed back both by other returning students and staff especially by Janet and Katie. I took a few years’ break from the summer school, but returned again in 2013, this time to Radley College. The space and facilities at Radley have allowed the school to grow and develop in ways that I think wouldn’t have happened otherwise, like the ability to have the flute choir chairs & stands set up all week and having access to proper practice rooms as well as large classrooms for ensembles, technique classes and lessons. It was so nice to be greeted like an old friend when I came back that summer, even after a few years break. All in all, I’ve done the summer school 8 times.

I have looked at some other summer school options, and I found that the Oxford Flute Summer School has spoiled me somewhat. The things that are included in all the Oxford courses like small ensembles and flute choir are extras in some courses, as are more than one piano session.”

Adrienne – Iceland, Players and Performers